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Our custom 5E "theater of the mind" Spelljammer rules are now publicly available!

Today is the big day! We're releasing our custom Spelljammer combat rules (here's the free pdf) , designed to work with Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition without the use of a map!  We've adapted the classic Spelljammer rules to fit the modern game, without the need for minis or a virtual tabletop system or battle map.  You can hear the rules very briefly used in Episode 96 , though as you might guess by the title, they don't get a thorough exploration. They will be used extensively in upcoming episodes, however!  The rules are inspired by Starfinder and Esper Genesis, and as such they give every player plenty of choices. No matter what role the characters are filling on the ship--captain, bosun, gunner, deckhand, helmsperson--they have interesting options available to them. Characters can even chain actions together to coordinate for better outcomes. We've tested the rules several times, and made quite a few changes along the way.  We're always looking for feed