Listener Art

 We'll post art we receive from listeners here! We have a few samples already. Beware! Most of these images contain spoilers. 

From fancybone, Lumpen character art:

From fancybone (shared on Twitter and Discord):

From Jess (shared via our Discord server):

Aster, Aethelflaed, Tara, and Paxton


Does this count as listener art? From fancybone (shared via our Discord server):

TjJet (from our Discord server) shared some art of Olgibar talking to Aster while Aster is trying to chase Nondle the Nimble:

Brandon (who joined us for the 2020 Holiday Special) drew a picture of the Holiday Heroes: 

Fancybone's depiction of the consequences of all those terrible rolls in Episode 101 for all the people on the planet below:

Fancybone's depiction of Karrhig the Property Merchant from Episode 106. Here he is at his stall in the market, buying and selling deeds to property near the city of Ronkthrak, while daydreaming about the magic items he'd rather be buying. Check out the displacer beast poster. That, my friends, is genius.

Pavel/Fancybone is unstoppable! I would love to read a comic book in which Zartok just hangs around the ship, playing cards with his tail, making lunch, reading books, taking a nap...

Another brilliant piece from Pavel/Fancybone, this is the Githyanki Kith'rak that Coral was so eager to kill in episode 124. 
This piece from Pavel/Fancybone became the episode art for episode 125. Spoilers!

Brandon Weigel explains why Aster didn't help Piera Dindywiddle with the cleaning in episode 129. As usual, this image contains spoilers. 

Another piece from Brandon Weigel, this time depicting Tara and Coral after consuming a potion of Ettin Friend.

Listener Katie is a big fan of Ben Carter, and his character, Tabs the Tabaxi Rogue!