Campaign Setting

A lot of work went into developing the Glass-Guarded World campaign setting, and we'd like to share some of the results of that work with you. We'll provide maps, player guides, and other information (but with a significant time lag, so as not to spoil anything for people listening to the latest episodes as they come out).

Player's Guide to the Glass-Guarded World: Before the campaign started Mike (the DM) gave this to all the players. He is to blame for the crummy artwork inside it, too.

World Map: Created using Campaign Cartographer. This gives the players a good idea of the unusual geographic and political layout of the world. Given how much they hopped around the world in Season 1, we probably could not have managed without this.

How big is the Glass-Guarded World? Here's a scale comparison to the United States.

The Museum of Technology and Art: This unusual structure appeared in the Adventures of Aethelflaed Part 2. The podcast probably did not make the layout as clear as it could have been.

The Prison of the City of Two: Another structure from the Adventures of Aethelflaed Part 2 and the subsequent regular episode.

Sigbert's Shop Interior: The party eventually gets with Sigbert inside his shop, sort of. Actually, they were working the party as staff, but that's almost as good, right?

The first map from Season 2, the Hall of Scholars! This was created in Dungeon Painter Studio.

Here's an overall map of the wizard research complex. And another one.

We'll release maps of the various floors as the party explores them:

All the good art on this site comes from Ignacio Corva, who can be found here on Deviant Art. We think his work his amazing, and you should hire him for your own projects.