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Druids and Druids and Druids, Oh My!

Paxton (or Frith!) and the Lumpens have been captured by the forces of the city of Two, and are on their way to the city for trial. There's some trouble along the way, and the Lumpens' excessive friendliness irritates some of the escort, but what you really want to know is  can they pronounce prestidigitation? Tales of Bob, our new clean actual-play podcast, has launched! You can subscribe now and listen in all the usual places! We'll be releasing music from the new podcast here on the TFTGGW feed for a while.  Apple Podcasts: Spotify: YouTube: RSS: It's also in all the other places you might look for it. Who's in this new podcast, you ask? Our DM, Mike, is running a Pathfinder 2E campaign, and we have Josh, Jessica, Janette, a

Tales of Bob Soundtrack - Broken Tusk Rising - Percussive Combat

Our music release for this month is combat music from Broken Tusk Rising, the first campaign for the new Tales of Bob actual-play podcast! Broken Tusk Rising is what we're calling our playthrough of the "Quest for the Frozen Flame" adventure path, published by Paizo Inc. Heroes in the frozen north must confront an ancient evil before it wipes out their tribe! You can subscribe to Tales of Bob in all the usual places: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: RSS:   https:// ...or your favorite podcast app. Videos will appear on the House of Bob YouTube channel: Be sure to listen and gives us a review on Apple Podcasts if you like it! We'll be back next week with another episode of Paxton and the Rug Buds.  Check out this episode of Tales from the Glass-Guarded World!