The end of the world can change a person. Usually for the worse.

Zartok has fled the rising oceans with a horde of refugees, seeking higher ground and battling seemingly endless waves of bandits and raiders. Visions warned him of the death of his family, but he still couldn’t prevent it. He takes every moment to further his magical studies, which is a dedication that has cost him his marriage.

He is a tiefling, half man and half devil. He has horns like those of an antelope, but one has been partially sawed off. His eyes are completely black, including the conjunctiva. He wears a black wizard’s robe with red trimmings. Black tattoos of indecipherable ruins run down the lengths of his arms and up his neck. These tattoos glow bright white when he is casting a spell or piloting a spelljammer. He often carries the Staff of Illumination, a light ash staff topped with a small, clear glass sphere.

Zartok knows the difference between justice and injustice, but he struggles to resist his devilish nature. He has a long tail that ends in a thin point, and the tail seems to have a mind of its own. Zartok argues with it, and it pushes Zartok toward “good” actions.

Zartok’s personality is sarcastic and abrasive. He is skeptical, bitter and irritable, but quick to make a joke.