Half-elf Bard/Rogue

“Aster Fortuna, Bard Extraordinaire,” is how he likes to introduce himself. Aster is a creature of many talents, with skills that have been honed growing up with his adoptive father’s troupe, “The Soothing Symphonium.” He learned the ways of music and entertainment in his time with the troupe. He also developed a proficiency with thieving, as his troupe were entertainers by day and thieves by night. Aster loves to play music and sing and is proud of his skills with theft. Although, he is a capable rogue he believes that his thieving ways are not about taking from others but providing an exchange of goods. He will usually steal something and give the victim something back (usually not of the same value).

Aster is incredibly agile, fit, and smart, though he lacks some wisdom, so it has been easy for his adoptive father (Gasten) to make Aster do questionable things. This is by no means an indicator of his intelligence but of his incredible love and devotion to Gasten and his musical troupe. This sense of admiration and affection has shaped Aster into someone who loves to flirt, and he dreams about the chance at romance. He is also adept with his blades and uses his bardic skills and magic in unison with his blade work. 

Aster is cunning, using his intelligence and charm to manipulate conversations in his favor, as well as get out of sticky situations. Aster has a big heart and cares for others, but his roguish history has crafted him into someone who is always observing and analyzing his surroundings and those around him. He is trusting but careful. He would rather have the upper hand in any situation, and often has a smirk or a confident grin. He prefers to be free and longs for adventure and romance. This leads him to be theatrical and animated in his speech.