Halfling Monk/Rogue

Aethelflaed has mostly lived a life away from civilization. She’s been farming, thieving, and living with monks in a monastery. Aethelflaed has a positive attitude, despite a life of hardship. She was stranded for two years at an island monastery (she hasn't yet told the party exactly why she was at that monastery), where she became a monk. She eventually escaped with the help of the party, and now she follows them around, mostly because she does not know what else to do.

She doesn’t completely understand what they are doing, or why. Her willingness to go along with everyone else is usually helpful, though it also means she can easily be persuaded to do something less constructive than saving the world, such as breaking into a museum to steal something.

The rest of the party can always count on her for a laugh, even when Aethelflaed isn’t trying to be funny.