Episode 100 - A Musical Recap Because We Were Too Stupid To Say No

We made it to episode 100! Listener Big Poppa G suggested that we do a musical recap of the story so far for Episode 100. We were too stupid to say no, so here you go. 

It's a regular episode for 35 minutes, and then the musical section begins. We had to assemble this with everyone being in different locations, and it wasn't easy. Not all of us are musically inclined, either. Cut us some slack!

Thanks to Brandon W. for the lyrics for Tara's and Zartok's songs, and thanks to Ben C. for the lyrics to Aster's song. 

Now let us never, ever speak of doing a musical again. NEVER. 

Here's the map of Jeberorb discussed in today's episode, made beautiful by Shaun from the House of Bob podcast:

And the solar system diagram:

Our 5E Spelljammer combat rules are available! Check them out at https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/tftggw/TFTGGW_Spelljammer_5E_Rules_Version_1.0.pdf The party is going to need them very soon...

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